HealthPixel FAQ

Is HealthPixel free?

Yes, it's free and we plan to keep it that way.

How can HealthPixel help me?

If you have a health condition or simply are interested in optimizing your health, HealthPixel can be used for the following:

See what makes your health better or worse. Do you have any symptom that seems to fluctuate randomly? Maybe it's not random but in fact is caused by some specific aspect of your lifestyle or diet. HealthPixel allows you to track in lots of detail so you can look for patterns later.

Trace your health symptoms back to their origin.

If you work in business, you know the importance of keeping detailed data on sales & expenses. If you work in IT, you know the importance of keeping server logs and Git history. Without this data, you are "in the dark" and it it hard to improve or fix problems. HealthPixel is the equivalent of these things for your personal health.

Doesn't recording my health throughout the day require a lot of effort?

Actually it's very easy, because:

  1. You just need to tap a button. HealthPixel will record the timestamp automatically.
  2. You don't need to remember anything. Just enter what you are feeling/doing right now.
  3. The app automatically optimizes its layout so that your frequently tapped buttons show up first
  4. The app gives you reminders when it thinks you have forgotten to input data

Why should I log my foods using HealthPixel when there are more elaborate food tracking apps?

There are many nutrition apps out there that let you (1) enter the food you ate from large database with nutritional info, (2) enter the exact portion you ate, (3) save a photo of the food, etc. These apps work well for certain people and can be used together with HealthPixel. But for others, these nutrition apps can be a burden to use and get in the way of a spontaneous lifestyle. Many people get tired of them and eventually give up. HealthPixel is based on a different concept of being freeform and easy to use. You can record the foods you eat at whatever level of detail is relevant to you. This way, you can stay motivated to use the app in the long run.

I've started recording my data in HealthPixel. What now?

After a couple of weeks, you can view and analyze your data in the chart:

Does HealthPixel use AI to find patterns in my data?

Not yet but we are working on it!

What are some testimonials of how HealthPixel has helped someone?

"I had back pain for months and was trying many different things for it: stretching, physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, swimming, using a standing desk, and painkillers. On some days the pain got worse or went away entirely, but it was hard to know what the cause was because I was trying many different treatments at once. But by looking carefully at my HealthPixel data, I saw a general pattern where the pain tended to lessen on the days after I used the standing desk, and that it was on average better in the mornings when I woke up and got worse throughout the day. Using this data, I came to realize that sitting too much is a main culprit. I was able to focus on that and cut out the treatments that didn't help or made me worse."