A health tracker for long-haul COVID

HealthPixel is a free health tracking app for people with post-COVID-19 symptoms (a.k.a. long-haul Covid). It makes it easy to log what you do, what you eat, and how you feel, so that you can understand what makes you feel better or worse.

We all have things that affect our health that we don't know about. You might have a health symptom that could be reduced by avoiding a particular food or activity, but you might not be aware of it.

HealthPixel is an app for discovering these kinds of connections.

Here is what sets HealthPixel apart from other health tracking apps:

  • Super simple. Open the app, tap a button, done. No forms, questionnaires, or mandatory registration.
  • As versatile as a sheet of paper. Record whatever you want, such as your medications, exercise, symptoms, and even non-health related things.
  • Precise. Rather than once a day, you record your symptoms only when you notice a change. This makes your data accurate down to the minute.
  • Personalized. HealthPixel learns the timing of your health patterns, and only prompts you with relevant questions, eliminating repetitive and unnecessary usage.

Record your health in a heartbeat

Tap a button whenever something happens.

Or, type it in.

Buttons are ordered by frequency of use.

Track your pain level, energy level, and anything else that fluctuates over time.

Enter each food you eat.

Autocomplete suggestions are based on frequency.

If you forget to input some data, don't worry! You can easily add it later.

  • Keep track of your hypotheses about your health
  • Upvote a hypothesis whenever you observe evidence in favor of it (or downvote if you observe counter-evidence)
  • HealthPixel stores the timestamps of your votes so you can go back and see what was happening around that time

Use the journal to give context to your data.


HealthPixel provides a variety of visualizations that let you:

  • Find patterns in your data: what causes your symptoms to get better or worse?
  • Trace a symptom back to the exact day it started
  • Help your doctor by providing crystal-clear descriptions of your health history

Connect your other devices

HealthPixel can connect to data you are recording from other devices and apps. For example, we provide easy configuration for AWS IoT buttons and Flic, to record things that occur very frequently. For example you can click the button each time you take a drink of water, and the timestamp will be sent into HealthPixel.

We have an open REST API that lets you easily send in data from any source. (For example, if you are using another device to track your sleep hours.)


HealthPixel's essential functionality is all available without ever uploading your data to a server. Your data is stored locally on your phone, and you can export it locally to Excel (.csv) format via the clipboard.

Furthermore, with HealthPixel you choose your own labels for the things you are tracking, so you can use names that only have personal meaning to you.

If you opt to use HealthPixel's server-based features such as data visualization or the REST API, the server is designed to store the minimum amount of data possible. For example, data uploaded for visualizations is automatically deleted within 1 hour, and data uploaded via the REST API is deleted as soon as you sync it to your phone.

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