Here is an x-ray of a banana

I got the idea for the name "HealthPixel" while thinking about the time I injured my shoulder in a bicycling accident. After my injury, my doctor ordered an X-ray, but the image was too blurry to make a diagnosis. So, he then ordered a much more expensive MRI. The MRI picture was much more detailed, and showed the fine damage to my bone. Here's a funny example illustrating just how much better an MRI scan is; these are real images of a banana under X-ray, MRI, and CT scan:

My goal in making HealthPixel is to help record your everyday health data with the precision (higher pixels) of an MRI scan, while most available tools are like X-ray scans. Hopefully HealthPixel will enable some people to diagnose tricky issues they could never detect before.

Each time you tap a colored button in the app (the buttons are square, meant to resemble pixels), you are adding a pixel to the detailed image you are creating of your health.

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Here is an x-ray of a banana
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